Brittany Pantano
Acting National Community Cooperative Manager

“My approach to work is process-driven, strategic and unafraid to ask questions, with a focus on long-term thinking.“

In my role working with the Community Cooperative, a successful outcome means having an empowered and supported team that provides valuable services while helping tenants understand and exercise choice and control. It also involves managing and delivering projects like the Pilot Project that continuously improve how we support our SDA housing tenants.

What I love most about working at Enliven Community is the high-energy, ever-changing environment. I also appreciate the genuine care for tenants and the opportunity to work with a fantastic team.

Career highlight:
The highlight of my career has been leading an innovative team focused on enhancing the lives of tenants in SDA housing. I’ve received positive feedback from tenants about their increased self-advocacy and understanding of their rights, which has been particularly rewarding.

Outside of work:
I enjoy nature, camping, beach outings, yoga (I’m a qualified teacher) and spending time with friends.

What super-power would you want?
To fly! So I could go over untouched natural landscapes.

• Masters of Science (Public Health major)