Enliven Community helps people with disability explore independent living options.

What we do

We host workshops and information sessions for you and your support networks. Our aim is to give you information about various housing options so you can choose what’s right for you.

We also host a video podcast called ‘The Series’ where we share our thoughts and encourage conversations about housing options for people with disability. Watch our first few episodes to learn more.

Our approach

Enliven Community helps people with disability explore independent living options.

We are a free and independent service.

We are passionate about promoting the rights of people living with disability.

We respect that you know what’s best for you.

Our strategic goals

How we can support people with disability

We support you and your support networks to:

• Understand your housing options.

• Help you act on opportunities so you can exercise choice and control over where you want to live.

• Help you work out the best living options for you. We consider location, style of property, amenity to services, transport connection and cost.

• Develop your skills to navigate the NDIS and secure your preferred living option.

• Identify the living options that align with your wants and needs.

• Understand which items SDA funds cover, and what they don’t.

• Identify which independent living options will provide the right level of support.

• Understand what responsibility falls to the tenant in an independent living option.

• Engage in conversations about risks, both real and perceived.

How we’re
improving living options for people with disability:

• Sharing our knowledge, research, thoughts, and ideas.

• Listening and learning about what people with disability want, through our participation in forums and workshops.

• Demonstrating how good living options build capacity and meet the goals of the individual.

• Making an evidenced-based contribution to research on the design and development of housing for people with disability.

• Growing housing options for people with disability by supporting developers to understand the demand aspect of the disability housing market: the where, who, when and what.

• Influencing change by advocating for people with disability and providing advice and consultation to government policy makers