About us

The Board

Enliven Community is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). Under the category advancing social or public welfare, we provide independent information for people with disability about their living options.

Enliven Community Staff

Sophia Stante
Community Cooperative Facilitator VIC/SA
Brittany Pantano
Acting National Community Cooperative Manager
Jessica Cramp
Community Cooperative Facilitator – NSW

Meet the board

How Enliven Community came about

Enliven Housing Founder Tino Carusi and Enliven Community CEO Faye Minty, noted that people with disability and their support networks face significant challenges in understanding their independent living options.

For the people who are eligible for SDA funding, Enliven Housing can address many of these issues. However, they were concerned about the 94% of people with disability who did not have access to this funding.

Enliven Community was born out of a desire to give back to the community we serve and to make a positive social impact.

Disability housing models vary enormously. It’s hard to understand the differences between various models and work out which one fits best with your wants and needs.

We decided to create an organisation that can help.

We believe that providing the right information and resources can help you make informed choices.

From that starting point, we learnt about all forms of disability housing options.

We continue to contribute to the development of the sector through our partnerships, working with like-minded organisations and providing advice where we can.

“Improve housing options for people with a disability”

Our Mission

Enliven Community’s mission is to “Improve housing options for people with a disability”. We do this by providing independent advice and resources for people with disability who are exploring their home and living options. This helps them to make independent and informed choices about where and how they live.

We know that reliable information achieves better outcomes. We want to help people with disability to choose housing that best meets their goals.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

We believe the independent living options for people with disability should provide the same choice, control and social opportunities as the rest of the broader community enjoy.

By providing help and resources, we aim to make sure the pathway to disability housing is consistent with broader community standards. We want to help you get the housing you need and want.