Sophia Stante
VIC/SA Community Cooperative Facilitator

“I believe that supporting people to make choices and direct the life they want to live is the bread and butter of a good life.”

In my role as Community Cooperative Facilitator in Victoria and South Australia, I help cooperatives understand and maximise the supports they share. I facilitate conversations, support the learning of the cooperative model and provide the tools needed for tenants to participate in collective decision-making. I love seeing the cooperatives I support feel connected and comfortable sharing their feedback and ideas, knowing they will be heard and acted upon. I’m passionate about exploring how Community Cooperatives can empower individuals to have more autonomy in their homes and foster a community led by people with disability and their lived experiences.

Career highlight:
One of the most memorable experiences in my career was supporting someone on their first independent holiday overseas. It’s these unique moments of supporting individuals that make my work so rewarding.

Outside of work:
I love to go vintage shopping and participate in pinup competitions. I also enjoy going out to see shows, whether it be a live band, drag show or musical.

What super-power would you want?
I’d love to be able to speak and understand any language.

• Certificate IV Disability
• Bachelor of Disability and Community Inclusion