Valid Conference 2024

Enliven Community had a stall at the “Our Voice” Expo of Valid’s ‘Having a Say Conference’ in Geelong, Victoria this month.    Our team loved taking this fantastic opportunity to meet so many people throughout the sector and talk all about the Community Cooperative Pilot Project. Our goal was to get more people thinking about the […]

The Importance of Facilitators Being Independent 

At Enliven Community we are passionate about Community Cooperative facilitation being independent. This means the facilitator is separate from the support provider and the housing provider. By being independent, facilitators focus solely on Community Cooperative members and take their feedback to providers anonymously – meaning the provider does not know which members raised a topic.   […]

Feedback from Community Cooperatives to Providers

Community Cooperatives are made up of its members – the people who share onsite disability supports. They do not however work exclusively from the shared support providers – be it the SDA provider or onsite support provider.  Community Cooperatives empower people to have increased choice and control over the supports they share. To achieve this, […]

Community Cooperative Meetings – What to Expect?

At all National Community Cooperative Pilot Project sites, we’re diving into the world of group Community Cooperative meetings, and it’s an exciting phase that many participants have eagerly anticipated. In these meetings, all individuals who share onsite supports, known as ‘Cooperative members,’ come together along with their Independent Facilitator. Community Cooperative meetings inside the Pilot […]

Exploring one-on-one sessions in our Pilot Project

Community Cooperatives are dedicated to strengthening communities and amplifying voices. Within these micro-communities, are individuals. In our National Community Cooperative Pilot Project, Independent Facilitators deliver 9 sessions. While sessions 3 – 6 are Cooperative meetings (meaning all members of the Cooperative are invited to attend), sessions 1, 2 and 9 are individual meetings between participants […]